Valdez to Anchorage - Alaska

This is Valdez beach. We are a bit spoilt in Australia for beaches and unless it has a wide stretch of sand beside an ocean then it doesn't rate as a beach. Over in Alaska and Canada though we soon realise that anything that edges water (lakes, rivers, inlets or oceans) is called a beach. We wandered along the beach here which was made up of rocks and seaweed. Pete struck up a conversation with another Alaskan who had been testing out his $1500 fly fishing reel. He told Pete he quite liked Palin as Governor but wasn't too happy with Obama. He was absolutely 'pro-gun' and was stock piling his ammunition in case stronger gun laws came in. They love their guns in America and say its their 'god given right to own a gun'. As Australians we just don't understand this attitude.

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