Holiday Photo Album Deep Creek to Adelaide, South Australia

Album 58 - It was dark by the time we arrived arrived back on the mainland from Kangaroo Island so we drove straight to Second Valley where we had left the van. Next day we packed up and set up camp at Deep Creek National park where we visited Blowhole Beach. We continued north up the east side of the Fleurieu Peninsula to Parsons Beach and The Bluff. Victor Harbour was certainly worth the visit including a walk across to Granite Island. Next camp was in the Adelaide Hills where we visited Morialta Conservation Park and tasted some of the food and wine South Australia is famous for. Missed the last web album? See Photos and Stories from Kangaroo Island or use the Australia map to select another.
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Fleurieu Peninsula

Deep Creek NP

Blowhole Beach

4WD Track

OK so far

Straight Down!

View Back Up

Rocky Point

Fleurieu East Coast

Parsons Beach

The Bluff

Coastal Scenery

Victor Harbour

Bridge to Island

View to Bluff

Granite Island

Little Penguin Nests

View North

Adelaide Hills

Morialta Park

Morialta Park

Morialta Park

Morialta Park

View to Adelaide

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