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Dear Diary,

On this page are the Web Photo Albums from our BIG TRIP around UK, Ireland and Europe. Scenery and places don't change much so these and earlier webalbums are still relevant today! If you are considering a trip around Australia then don't forget to check the webalbums from our Roadtrip Brisbane to Melbourne and our Round Australia Trip in 2006. Try the Maps on the Home page or the alphabetical listing to locate the photos and information you want to see for various parts of Australia and other overseas holiday destinations.

Album 67 - Big Trip: (Finland) - Tampere to Helsinki

Finland is a land of many lakes and waterways which makes driving very scenic. We explored Tampere, Finland's 2nd largest city, then stopped over at Vehoniemi National Park before making our way to the capital, Helsinki. Highlights on the way were the Finnish Glass Museum and the Hunting Museum. We visited historic Porvoo and Loviisa before returning to Helsinki. We flew from here to St Petersburg in Russia.. Have a look at our 67th lot of photos from the trip: Finland - Tampere to Helsinki

Album 66 - Big Trip: (Finland) - Turku to Tampere

Our ferry trip from Stockholm in Sweden included a short stop at Mariehamn on the Åland Islands, then on to Turku in Finland. It was calm and very scenic. We are glad we chose to do the day sailing rather than do it overnight. After looking around Turku and nearby islands in south-west Finland, we travelled north to Tampere through some lovely countryside dotted with many lakes. Have a look at our 66th lot of photos from the trip: Finland - Turku to Tampere

Album 65 - Big Trip: (Sweden) - Stockholm

We left our van at the Ferry Terminal in Stockholm and caught the morning train into the capital city of Sweden. We walked and used the subway to explore the old town and the new. Highlights were Kings Garden, Gamla Stan and Christiansand Palace. Next morning we caught the ferry to Finland which was a very picturesque journey weaving through the waterways and archipelago of Stockholm where Lake Malaren meets the Baltic Sea. Have a look at our 65th lot of photos from the trip: Sweden - Stockholm

Album 64 - Big Trip: (Sweden) - Sweden - Malmo to Stockholm

We left Copenhagen in Denmark and crossed the bridge back into Malmo in Sweden to continue east then north towards Stockholm. Highlights were our stopover in the small town of Morrum and our visit to the island of Oland where we saw MANY ancient windmills, forts, viking graveyards, medieval churches and artifacts as well as a nature reserve at its southern tip. Have a look at our 64th lot of photos from the trip: Sweden - Malmo to Stockholm

Album 63 - Big Trip: (Sweden & Denmark) - From Sweden into Denmark

We follow the Kattegat Coast of Sweden south through Halland County and into Skane County until we reach Helsingborg where we ferry across to Helsingor to explore one of the islands that make up Denmark - Zealand. Highlights of this part of the trip was visiting Roskilde, especially the Viking Ship Museum, and of course Denmark's beautiful capital city Copenhagen. We cross the Oresund Strait back into Sweden via Malmo using a tunnel then across a small island which was in turn connected to the mainland by a bridge, 15km all up! Have a look at our 60th lot of photos from the trip: Sweden into Denmark

Album 62 - Big Trip: (Norway) - Norway and into Sweden

We continue to have good weather as we drive through Norway from Buskerud County to Oslo County and then into Sweden. We weren't done with impressive waterfalls yet it seems. The walk to Rjukandefoss (waterfall) and suspension bridge was a highlight as well as the Honefoss Falls that power through the centre of that town. We visited our last Norwegian Stave Church at Gol and camped beside the beautiful Lake Harestua. We also really enjoyed our visit to beautiful and historic Oslo, the capital of Norway. Heading south, it wasn't long before we were in Sweden. More history dating from the Bronze Ages through the 1800s... Our wander around the Viking Site at Blomsholm and Fossum's prehistoric rock carvings contrasted sharply with our visits to the medieval Bohus Fortress and Tjoloholm Castle. Have a look at our 60th lot of photos from the trip: Norway and into Sweden

Album 61 - Big Trip: (Norway) - Norway - Flam to Hemsedal

We travel through Norway's Sogn og Fjordane County, from Flam to Hemsedal in Buskerud County, and it is stunningly beautiful. We managed to find campsites amongst majestic mountains and beside river rapids. Highlights were the Flam Scenic Railway trip up into the mountains and the Cruise through the fjords, especially the Naeroyfjord and Aurlandsfjorden. Wow! We are always interested in the culture and history associated with the churches and the Borgund Stave Church was one of the better ones for that. Our drive through the picturesque Hemsedal Alpine Area ended with a wonderful campsite on the Morkedola River. Have a look at our 60th lot of photos from the trip: Norway - Flam to Hemsedal

Album 60 - Big Trip: (Norway) - Norway - Hordaland to Aurland

Starting from the town of Odda in Hordaland we travel through more of Norway's stunning scenery as we zig-zag our way towards Flam. We were amazed at the massive tunnels cutting through these majestic mountains. They were so big that they have roundabouts in them. Highlights of this part of the trip were the stunning waterfalls and the campspots we found on the edge of fjords or raging rivers. We soaked up a bit of local culture as we passed through the small towns visiting churches and trying sweet breads and pastries. Have a look at our 60th lot of photos from the trip: Norway - Hordaland to Aurland

Album 59 - Big Trip: (Norway) - South West Norway

In this album we start from the Jæren district of Rogaland on the south-west coast of Norway and travel north to Stavenger. We take the Tau ferry and follow the amazingly scenic Tourist Route 13 generally heading north east across Norway. We skirt along the edges of the many fjords, lakes and rivers taking way too many photos of this beautiful country. The road tunnelled through spectacular mountains and ran beside majestic waterfalls. Apart from the impressive scenery we wandered through the streets of 'old town' Stavenger, visited historic Stave Churches, hiked up to 'museum' farms to get a feel for historic Norway as well. We have only seen a small part of Norway so far but it is looking like it will be one of our favorite countries! Have a look at our 59th lot of photos from the trip: South West Norway - Rogaland to Hordaland

Album 58 - Big Trip: (Denmark and Norway) - Denmark to SW Coast of Norway

We travel north through Denmark then ferry across from Hirtshals to Kristiansand in Norway. We will return to Denmark to visit its capital city later, via Sweden, but for now we travel up the west side of the country. We enjoyed our visit to Ribe and Hvide Sande in particular. It is a calm trip on the ferry across the North Sea and a short drive to our first stop at the historic Movic Fort. The drive west along Norway's scenic southern coast is really beautiful with the area around Flekkefjord and Jossingfjord and the small town of Sogndalstrand being highlights. Have a look at our 58th lot of photos from the trip: Denmark to South West Norway

Album 57 - Big Trip: (Germany) - North Western Germany

In this part of our trip we spend a few days in Northern Germany. After visiting Oldenburg and Jork on the Elbe River, we catch a train into Hamburg from nearby Buxtehude. There is plenty to see and do in Hamburg, especially in the Altstadt (old city). Next stop was the lovely town of Lubeck near the Baltic Sea. Medieval buildings and gothic architecture abound and make this a really interesting stopover. We camp beside the River Trave before heading off to the northern beaches of Germany. Our last town in Germany before crossing into Denmark is Flensburg. Have a look at our 57th lot of photos from the trip: North West Germany

Album 56 - Big Trip: (Netherlands) - Arriving in Amsterdam and north into Germany

We took the overnight car ferry to the Netherlands and stayed with friends at Purmerend just outside Amsterdam.. Thanks so much for your hospitality. We saw lots of windmills, canals, lakes, brilliant museums, interesting architecture and did I mention the cheese?!! It was apparently a heat wave at 35 degrees so we had a swim at Callantsooq Beach, something we didn't expect to do in the Netherlands!. Travelling for more than 30 km beside or along the North Holland Dykes was impressive. We crossed Friesland then into Germany and visited Oldenburg and Jork. .Have a look at our 56th lot of photos from the trip: Netherlands - Amsterdam and north to Germany

Album 55 - Big Trip: (Scotland & England) - Leaving Scotland - Edinburgh to Newcastle Ferry

Leaving Edinburgh we follow the A1 around the east coast. of Scotland to the rugged cliffs and rock stacks of St Abbs Head. Here we enjoyed a spectacular walk! Continuing south it is not long before we are back in England visiting castles, priories and Roman ruins. Highlights of this part of the trip was seeing puffins at Dunstanburgh Castle, Lindisfarne Castle and priory ruins on the lovely Holy Island and visiting the sights at Tynemouth near Newcastle. We caught our ferry from here across to the Netherlands. Have a look at our 55th lot of photos from the trip: Scotland - Edinburgh to Newcastle Ferry

Album 54 - Big Trip: (Scotland) - Southern Scotland - From Fife to Edinburgh

In this album we continue along the Fife Coastal Route around the Firth of Forth towards Edinburgh, Scotland's capital. Highlights of this section of the trip were the Falkland Palace, Dunfermline Abbey, the Falkirk Wheel and Rosslyn Chapel. There was a lot to see in Edinburgh as we walked the Royal Mile and beyond. They were just setting up for the Military Tattoo in the grounds of Edinburgh Castle when we were there. Have a look at our 54th lot of photos from the trip: Scotland - from Fife to Edinburgh

Album 53 - Big Trip: (Scotland) - Southern Scotland - Dunkeld to St Andrews

We start this section just south of Cairngorms National Park. After a walk around the Perthshire village of Dunkeld, and a visit to its majestic Cathedral, we headed north again, back through the picturesque Cairngorms National Park before winding our way back south again to the Kingdom of Fife (more about that later!). Braemar Castle, The Royal Lochnager Distillery, Crathes Castle, St Athernase Medieval Church and Scotland's Secret Bunker were all highlights of this section of the trip. Historic St Andrews is a must-see even if you are not interested in golf. We spent our last night in Fife at the beautiful Kellie Castle and gardens. Have a look at our 53rd lot of photos from the trip: Scotland -Dunkeld to St Andrews

Album 52 - Big Trip: (Scotland) - Scotland's North East Coast

The Scottish north west coast around John O'Groats, from Duncansby Head to Noss Head is spectacular and if you are a bird watcher then you will be even more impressed. Continuing south we visited castles, waterfalls, forests and enjoyed walks through the National Trust properties of Killycrankie and The Hermitage. We visited two distilleries in this part of our trip: Cragganmore and Dalwhinnie. The only thing that would improve this section of the trip is some sunshine! Have a look at our 52nd lot of photos from the trip: Scotland - The North East Coast

Album 51 - Big Trip: (Scotland) - The Scottish Highlands and North Coast

We follow the North West Tourist Route through Scotland to its northern-most point and finally, we see some deer in The Highlands. The scenic drive takes us past more beautiful lochs, beaches, castle ruins and some amazing coastal scenery. Highlights were Sango Sands Beach, Smoo Caves, Strathy Point and Dunnet Head. It is still cool and overcast with rare glimpses of the sun. It is not raining though so we are happy with that. Have a look at our 51st lot of photos from the trip: North Scotland -The Scottish Highlands and North Coast

Album 50 - Big Trip: (Scotland) - Isle of Skye to the Scottish Highlands

We continued to enjoy the spectacular scenery the Isle of Skye had to offer before crossing the Skye Bridge back to mainland Scotland. Heading north, highlights included the coastline around Staffin and the Storr Mountain walks. The next part of our travels took us through the Highlands, stopping at many beaches, lochs, waterfalls, forests and canals. The Culloden Battlefield was a highlight where we were immersed in the Jacobite/English conflict of 1746. On this leg of the journey we tasted Singleton Whisky on our tour of the Glen Ord Distillery (the 2nd stamp in our Whisky passport).. Have a look at our 50th lot of photos from the trip: NW Scotland - Isle of Skye to the Scottish Highlands

Album 49 - Big Trip: (Scotland) - West Scotland - Kilmartin to Isle of Skye

Loving Scotland!!! We explored Kilmartin Glen with its ancient stone burial mounds and standing stones then onto Carnasserie Castle ruins. We drove around more beautiful lochs near the lovely Arduaine Gardens, more castle ruins then jumped on the ferry to Isle of Skye. Wow! It has some stunning scenery, especially around Neist Point Lighthouse and the Cuillin Mountains. We did the Talisker Distillery tour in the morning, our first of many in Scotland, then in the afternoon we did the Fairy Pools walk which was lovely.. Have a look at our 49th lot of photos from the trip: West Scotland - Kilmartin to Isle of Skye

Album 48 - Big Trip: (Ireland) - Northern Ireland into SW Scotland (Summer)

We come to the end of our time in Ireland and Northern Ireland and have really loved our 3 weeks here. In this album we explore the area to the north and south of Belfast before catching the ferry from Larne to Scotland. Highlights in Ireland were Grey Abbey and Mount Stewart Estate. Highlights in Scotland were Dunskey's Castle at Port Patrick, Culzean Castle and nearby Dunure Harbour as well as the beautiful historic Kilmartin Glen.. Have a look at our 48th lot of photos from the trip: Northern Ireland into SW Scotland

Album 47 - Big Trip: (Ireland) - Northern Ireland - Antrim Scenic Coastal Drive (Summer)

There are many beautiful places to visit in Northern Ireland, particularly along the northern Antrim coast. The sun was out while we explored the white sandy beaches, amazing cliffs and rock formations, castle and friary ruins, bushmills whiskey distillery and much more. We are keeping fit just by jumping in and out of our van seeing the sites, taking photos and doing short walks as we stop at up to 10 sites each day. There is SO much to see! Our highlights were the Giant's Causeway and the Carrick-a-rede Rope Bridge walks. Have a look at our 47th lot of photos from the trip: Northern Ireland - Coastal Scenic Drive.

Album 46 - Big Trip: (Ireland) - County Donegal to County Londonderry (Summer)

The north-west coast of Ireland is stunning with lots of walks and great views. This is the last section of 'The Wild Atlantic Way' with the highllights being Slieve League, Horn Head and Malin Head. We really enjoyed our visit to Derry/Londonderry. We feel we have gained a much better understanding of the history of that troubled city and appreciate the resilience of the people creating the wonderful city it is today. Have a look at our 46th lot of photos from the trip: Ireland - County Donegal to Londonderry.

Album 45 - Big Trip: (Ireland) - Around Donegal and the West Coast (Summer)

The Wild Atlantic Way continues with some more interesting and beautiful beaches and bays but it is not all about the coastline of Ireland. We also visit the fabulous Marble Arch Caves, the mountains and waterfalls around Glencar, ancient Tully Castle and Florence Court and of course the historic town of Donegal. Loving Ireland! Have a look at our 45th lot of photos from the trip: Ireland - Around Donegal and the West Coast.

Album 44 - Big Trip: (Ireland) - Atlantic Coast - County Galway to County Mayo (Summer)

In this album we travel through County Galway and County Mayo to Lake Conn near Ballina. Highlights were the Connemara National Park and Achill Island. Along the way we explored more castle and abbey ruins, climbed and walked across bogs, up headlands and along flooded rivers and especially enjoyed the scenic coastal drives. Have a look at our 44th lot of photos from the trip: Ireland's Atlantic Coast - County Galway to County Mayo.

Album 43 - Big Trip: (Ireland) - West Coast - County Clare (Spring)

The trip along Ireland's west coast is brilliant with the most stunning of this amazing coastline being the Cliffs of Moher. We continue to explore the old churches and ruins of castles, friaries and medieval towers. We come across plenty as we continue along the Wild Atlantic Way. Walking around the towns that we stay in, like Galway, is always fun. In every country we make sure we try the local wine/beer/whiskey and sample the local foods. Have a look at our 43rd lot of photos from the trip: Ireland's Amazing West Coast.

Album 42 - Big Trip: (Ireland) - Wild Atlantic Way - County Kerry (Spring)

We had already been impressed with our drive around three of the peninsulas on the coast of SW Ireland and in this album we really enjoy the beautiful Ring of Kerry and Dingle Peninsula. Amazing scenery! There are also various ancient forts and castle ruins to explore along the scenic drive called the Wild Atlantic Way. We end this part of the trip with a visit to the lovely city of Killarney. Can't wait to visit the rest of Ireland. Have a look at our 42nd lot of photos from the trip: Ireland - Wild Atlantic Way.

Album 41 - Big Trip: (Ireland) - Ireland - County Cork (Spring)

Our drive through County Cork continues as we wind our way through a number of small coastal towns like Timoleague and Glandore then start exploring the peninsulas (rings) that jut out into the sea along the 'Wild Atlantic Way'. The drive out to Mizens Head and around Mizen Peninsula was brilliant with amazing coastal scenery. We found a nice spot to camp the night along Sheepshead Peninsula as recommended by a local at Bantry. The rain started as we began to explore The Ring of Beara so we found a pulloff to ride out the storm for the afternoon and night, not wanting to miss any of the scenery in this beautiful part of Ireland. Have a look at our 41st lot of photos from the trip: Ireland - County Cork.

Album 40 - Big Trip: (Ireland) - South Coast of Ireland (Spring)

We decided to circle Ireland (Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland) in a clockwise direction so headed east along the south coast first. We came across a variety of ruins of castles, abbeys and forts, some interesting churches and cathedrals and some nice beaches. The beautiful wildflowers at Hook Lighthouse, Jamesons Whiskey Tour and the Blarney Castle were all highlights of this section of our trip. Have a look at our 40th lot of photos from the trip: South Coast of Ireland.

Album 39 - Big Trip: (Wales UK) - South West Wales and across to Ireland (Spring)

As we continue down the coast to the South West of Wales we have now basically circumnavigated Wales. Highlights of this part of the trip were St Davids Cathedral and Dinas Headland Walk. Both were amazing! We caught the ferry across from Fishgard in Wales to Rosslare in Ireland. We certainly enjoyed our time in Wales - a great place to visit! Have a look at our 39th lot of photos from the trip: South West Wales and across to Ireland.

Album 38 - Big Trip: (Wales UK) - North and West Coast of Wales (Spring)

Anglesey Island has lots to see and do with its beautiful coastal scenery plus its share of historic castles and churches. Our day trip to Puffin Island was a highlight of this part of our trip. We visited different parts of Snowdonia on our trip back to South Wales to what we saw on our trip up to North Wales (previous album). Snowdonia is a lovely part of Wales! We really enjoyed our trip down the west coast of Wales with our walks at Llangrannog and Mwnt Headland being definite highlights for us. Have a look at our 38th lot of photos from the trip: North and West Coast of Wales.

Album 37 - Big Trip: (Wales UK) - Touring through Wales (Spring)

Our journey continued north through central Wales up to the north coast of Wales. Snowdonia National Park was one of the highlights of this part of our trip. Conway and Penhryn Castles were both amazing but so different to each other. Our drive around Great Ormes Head was brilliant - it is summer next week but it is pretty cold and windy here. Loving Wales! Have a look at our 37th lot of photos from the trip: Touring through Wales.

Album 36 - Big Trip: (England & Wales UK) -Southern Wales and England (Spring)

The Wye River forms the border between England and southern Wales so we move back and forth between the two countries as we explore the Wye River Valley - an 'Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty'. Our trek up the mountains of the Brecon Beacons National Park as well as the various waterfalls walks were the highlights for us in Southern Wales. The Chedworth Roman Villas were our pick for our travels in this section of England. Have a look at our 36th lot of photos from the trip: Southern Wales and England.

Album 35 - Big Trip: (England & Wales UK) - England into Wales (Spring)

We travelled across England towards Wales for this leg of our journey. We had joined Britstops so mostly used that to choose our campsites for the night during our UK trip. The highlights were the medieval city of Wells (Bishops Palace and Cathedral) in England and the town of Chepstow in Wales (Castle Ruins and Priory). Have a look at our 35th lot of photos from the trip: England into Wales.

Album 34 - Big Trip: (England UK) - London and Bath (Spring)

This web album is a little out of order as a week elapsed between submitting our application for a Russian visa while in London and going back to London to pick up our visa and passports. This album brings that 2nd London trip forward and includes our day in Bath as well. There is plenty to see and do in both London and Bath and enjoyed both trips. Highlights were the Tower of London and the Roman Baths. We will be back in chronological order from next album with the missing week as we head into Wales. Have a look at our 34th lot of photos from the trip: England - London and Bath.

Album 33 - Big Trip: (France/UK) - Rouen in France to London in UK (Spring)

Our first stop after Paris is the historical city of Rouen which was one of the highlights of this section of the trip. We stumbled upon The Blockhaus while investigating what the icon on our map entitled 'Engineering Monument' meant. Glad we did as this was another 'must visit' spot if you are interested in WW11 history. We took the ferry from Calais to Dover and ambled down the English coast before visiting London for our first day of 3 planned days in the UK capital. London was great so glad that we will be coming back! Have a look at our 33rd lot of photos from the trip: Rouen in France to London in UK.

Album 32 - Big Trip: (France) - Chauvigny to Paris (Spring)

We have no real plans as to where we are going each day as long as we get to Calais on the day we have our ferry booked across to England! Highlights for this section of the trip are Chauvigny's medieval city, discovering that Le Mans is much much more than a racetrack, stumbling upon the charming town of Nonencourt and of course Paris. The capital of France was wonderful and we will be back! Have a look at our 32nd lot of photos from the trip: France - Chauvigny to Paris.

Album 31 - Big Trip: (France) - Hauteford to Chauvigny (Spring)

After a tour through Hauteford Chateau we drive north through the historic cities of St Yrieix, Montmorillon, St Savin to Chauvigny. We seem to be following the 'Avenue de L'europe'. The countryside is lovely and we are enjoying the drive taking in the history and the cuisine of the region. We stumble upon markets in some of the small towns which is a great opportunity to buy some fresh produce. Have a look at our 31st lot of photos from the trip: France - Hauteford to Chauvigny.

Album 30 - Big Trip: (France) - Canal du Midi to Hauteford (Spring)

We were sad to leave our Penichette 'Epineau' and the Canal du Midi. It is one of the highlights of our overall trip. Back in 'Winnie' our motorhome/campervan we set off up through the middle of France. Initially we generally followed the Canal du Midi by car as far as Toulouse where 3 canals meet. We then continued north through central France. Highlights were Lauzerte and Montuq (medieval walled cities) and Grottes de La Cave near the Dordogne River. Have a look at our 30th lot of photos from the trip: France - Canal du Midi to Hauteford .

Album 29 - Big Trip: (France) - Canal du Midi - Part 3 (Spring)

There are so many things to see along the Canal du Midi that I have hundreds of photos. I have narrowed them down as best I can. Highlights of this webalbum are Carcassonne, its castle and other historic buildings, mastering the double and triple locks on the Canal and just generally relaxing and discovering lots of small towns and new tastes in food and wine. Have a look at our 29th lot of photos from the trip: France Canal du Midi - Part 3.

Album 28 - Big Trip: (France) - Canal du Midi - Part 2 (Spring)

By the 2nd day of our 11 day trip navigating the Canal du Midi, we felt very confident on our Penichette. You travel quite slowly and being Spring rather than Summer there was less traffic on the Canal. It was very relaxing and the weather was great. We stopped at a selection of small towns on our way from Argens downstream to Beziers and then different towns on the way back upstream past Argens again on our way to Carcassone. Highlights were Beziers, Capestang and Homps. Have a look at our 28th lot of photos from the trip: France Canal du Midi - Part 2.

Album 27 - Big Trip: (France) - French Mediterranean Coast - Canal du Midi (Spring)

On our way back to Canal du Midi we stopped at a few more interesting places: The St Roman Abbey ruin near Beaucaire and the small town of Sommieres where we camped near the Bull Fight arena. We then drove to Argens and picked up the Penichette boat that we would live on for the next 11 days. Hope we can work our way through the Canal Locks with just the 2 of us!!! Have a look at our 27th lot of photos from the trip: French Mediterranean Coast - Canal du Midi.

Album 26 - Big Trip: (France) - French Mediterranean Coast - St Tropez to Avignon (Spring)

We explored St Tropez then continued on the coastal road. Wow! We were rewarded with some fantastic scenery. We could only make it is far as Cannes before turning back west so we would be in time to pick up our boat for the Canal du Midi. Highlights on the way back were Les Beau de Province (Chateau and winery) and Avignon. Have a look at our 26th lot of photos from the trip: French Mediterranean Coast - St Tropez to Avignon.

Album 25 - Big Trip: (France) - South Coast France - the Mediterranean (Spring)

Continuing east along the south coast of France we popped into a number of beaches on the Mediterranean Sea. We had a night at a winery near the Camargue before stopping at the ancient town of Arles. There were lots of great beaches around the Golfe du Lion as we drove through Marseille and Toulon on our way to St Tropez on the Cote d'Azure. Have a look at our 25th lot of photos from the trip: South Coast France - the Mediterranean.

Album 24 - Big Trip: (Spain and France) - From Spain into France - leaving the Costa Brava (Spring)

Spain's Mediterranean coast is beautiful with lots of towns to explore along the Costa Brava. Some of the highlights were the beaches around St Feliu de Guixol and the town that Pals Castle once protected. We crossed the border into France and the beautiful bays and beaches continued... This was one of our most scenic coastal drives. Have a look at our 24th lot of photos from the trip: From Spain into France.

Album 23 - Big Trip: (Spain) - Spanish Coast and Montserrat (Spring)

In this part of our trip we leave the Costa del Azahar and head into the Costa Daurada region of Spain (travelling from near Valencia to near Barcelona). There are lots of interesting places to explore as we zigzag along the coast and up to 60km inland. Highlights were: spotting castles and forts (mostly ruins) on most of the prominent hills we passed; finding small towns with amazing churches such as Alcala de Xivert; exploring Pensicola Old Town and beach; staying at a winery and exporing the nearby Montserrat mountains and Monastery. Amazing! Have a look at our 23rd lot of photos from the trip: Spanish Coast and Montserrat.

Album 22 - Big Trip: (Spain) - Spain's Costa Calida and Costa Blanca (Spring)

The Spanish coastline is wonderful and the weather is perfect as we explore each bay and beach driving along some amazing coastal roads. We also head inland occasionally to make sure we get a good feel for this area. There are many lovely towns to visit each with magnificent churches or castle ruins or something else interesting to see. We haven't had a problem finding free campsites along the way. Have a look at our 22nd lot of photos from the trip: Spain's Costa Calida and Costa Blanca.

Album 21 - Big Trip: (Spain) - Spain's Costa del Sol (Spring)

The Coast of the Sun (Costa del Sol) is the name of the Spanish coastline we travel along during this album. We head inland and have an amazing experience at Archidona where we happened upon their Good Friday parade and then stop in Granada to look at Alhambra's Islamic palace. The homes built into the rocky landscape near Guadix were very interesting but heading back to the coast again we stop at one of our favourite campsites so far - La Isleta. Just beautiful! Have a look at our 21st lot of photos from the trip: Spain's Costa del Sol.

Album 20 - Big Trip: (UK and Spain) - Gibraltar and Spanish South Coast (Spring)

Next stop was Gibraltar. The rock loomed out above the coastline as we approached looking very impressive. We got our passports stamped at the border as we passed from Spain into this outpost of the United Kingdom. A walking tour through the main town centre was followed by a small group tour (6 of us in a minibus). Highlights were St Michaeil's Cave and the Gibralter Tunnels. Later that afternoon we re-entered Spain and followed the coastline stopping at some lovely beaches. Have a look at our 20th lot of photos from the trip: Gibraltar and Spanish South Coast.

Album 19 - Big Trip: (Africa) - Terifa in Spain - Tangiers in Morocco (Spring)

We were on the coast of Spain at Terifa with Morocco less than 2 hours ferry ride away. We thought it would be a shame not to hop over to Africa while we were here. We left the camper in Terifa and booked a ferry and guided tour for the day. Unfortunately the fog rolled in that morning but eventually it lifted enough for us to head off. We saw the sights of Tanger and surrounds with the Kasbar being one of the highlights. Have a look at our 19th lot of photos from the trip: Spain to Morocco.

Album 18 - Big Trip: (Spain) - Spain - Seville then to Spain Sth Coast (Spring)

Crossing the border from Portugal into Spain again, we headed for the city of Seville. We lucked upon a free carpark opposite the Palace, can you believe that?! We spent an entire day walking around Seville, exhausted but loved it! We had Pete's birthday there and watched the Palm Sunday parade which was a real spectacle. We then headed back to the southern coast of Spain... Have a look at our 18th lot of photos from the trip: Spain's South Coast.

Album 17 - Big Trip: (Portugal) - Portugal's South Coast - Lisbon to Spanish Border (Spring)

We had come half way down Portugal by this stage and we were finding it easy to locate the services we needed, the 'must-see' sights and also stumbling across a lot of other really interesting places and people just by sheer luck. Highlights were our Lisbon Walking Tour and Portugal's southern coast beaches, especially around Praia da Rocha. Great weather still! Have a look at our 17th lot of photos from the trip: Portugal's South Coast.

Album 16 - Big Trip: (Portugal) - Portugal's Mid Coast - Fatima to Lisbon (Spring)

We continued south through Portugal staying mostly along the coast. We seemed to be following a religious pilgrimage trail and this was the perfect time for that with it being the lead up to Easter (March and April). Highlights of this album were all assocated with religious history dating back to the middle ages There was the Fatima Story of the Visitation and the Fatima Basilica, the stunning monasteries dating back to the 1200s at Batalha and Alcobaca and the walled city of Obidos. Have a look at our 16th lot of photos from the trip: Portugal's Mid Coast.

Album 15 - Big Trip: (Portugal) - Portugal's North Coast (Spring)

We travel south from the border town of Vila Nova de Cerveira along the north coast of Portugal down to Pombal. The weather was wonderful although still cold in Spring. Highlights were the historical buildings especially the castles and amazing churches. We started to see more lovely white sandy beaches but still too cold to swim. Porto was a really interesting city to visit and we made sure we included a tour to learn about Porto wine making. We are finding food and wine to be relatively cheap in Portugal but still very good. Have a look at our 15th lot of photos from the trip: Portugal's North Coast.

Album 14 - Big Trip: (Spain) - Spanish NW Coast, A Coruna to Portugal (Spring)

We finally saw some sunshine as we travelled the north-west coast of Spain. It was great to explore this different culture and interact with the locals as best we could with our limited language skills. Highlights were A Coruna and Noia and the lovely coastal drive in this part of the world. We stopped at numerous beaches for short walks and tried some interesting and delicious local foods. The red wines were a favorite! Loving Spain... Have a look at our 14th lot of photos from the trip: Spanish North West Coast.

Album 13 - Big Trip: (Spain) - Spanish North Coast, Gijon to A Coruna (Spring)

The weather was overcast as we continued along the Spanish coast from Gijon to A Coruna. Our immediate challenge was to find a laundromat/lavenderia which was NOT easy. Funnily enough though, once we found one we kept seeing them all over the place! The roads in Spain are pretty amazing with their motorways having numerous very high viaducts, tunnels through mountains and bridges everywhere. Highlights were the rugged Cantabrico Coast, The Cathedrals and the coastal cities of Gijon and A Coruna. Have a look at our 13th lot of photos from the trip: Spanish North Coast.

Album 12 - Big Trip: (France) - France SW Coast and into Spain (Spring)

We were still travelling down the coast of France but now we were almost into Spain. After Biscarrosse Campsite we stopped at some of the other beaches, then the town of Bayonne before crossing into Spain and stopping for a couple of days in San Sebastian, which we loved! The coast of Spain was really interesting as was getting used to the language. Our challenge now was to find a Lavenderia (laundry)! The weather was still overcast but little enough rain so as not to slow us down at all. Loving Spain! Have a look at our 12th lot of photos from the trip: France SW Coast and into Spain.

Album 11 - Big Trip: (France) - France Coast - Loire Valley to Aquitane (Spring)

We continue south along the west coast of France to La Rochelle, Bordeaux then we stop at Biscarrosse for the night. The highlights were the amazing churches you stumble across in small towns, La Rochelle's wine and food tasting expo, Bordeaux's buildings and the giant sand dune called Dune du Pilat. We have now mastered shopping and getting diesel in France and basic greetings (although we don't get too many words out before they realise we speak English and switch to that). So much for our efforts at French! Have a look at our 11th lot of photos from the trip: France Coast - Pitou Charantes to Aquitane.

Album 10 - Big Trip: (France) - France Coast - Avranches to Loire Valley (Spring)

The weather improved as we continued along the coast of France. We travelled from Avranches in Normandie, to Bretagne and the Loire Valley. The highlights were Mont-St Michel, the beaches and the historic buildings. We found the 'Aire de Camping Cars' (camping areas for motorhomes) provided by France, to be tremendous. They are mostly free and have facilities for fresh water, as well as waste water/toilet disposal. They certainly cater for the travelling public in France! Have a look at our 10th lot of photos from the trip: France Coast - Avranches to Loire Valley.

Album 9 - Big Trip: (France) - France Coast - Calais to Avranches (Spring)

We headed south from Calais down the northwest coast of France and concentrated on driving on the correct side of the road and working out what signs meant! We were relieved that mostly roads were wider and we managed the change to driviong on the RHS pretty easily. The weather was still very grey and cold but that didn't stop us visiting beaches, churches, cathedrals, forts, lighthouses and ordering and paying for our first glasses of red wine in a beach cafe using French. Have a look at our 9th lot of photos from the trip: France Coast - Calais to Avranches.

Album 8 - Big Trip: (United Kingdom) - Southern Coast of England (Winter)

We continued south to Salisbury to see this historic city and in particular, their magnificent cathedral and the Magna Carta which is housed there. After a stop at Hayling Island to have a pint and chips at the Ship Inn, we headed 'home' to The Witterings. While 'Winnie' was in for a service, Jamie took us to Arundel with highlights being the Cathedral, Church and Castle. We travelled along the coast to Dover stopping for walks at the amazing Beachy Head and Birling Gap. It was grey and foggy when we left Dover on the ferry at 7:40am and similar conditions when we arrived at Calais, France. Maybe next Channel crossing will be more picturesque! Have a look at our 8th lot of photos from the trip: Southern Coast of England.

Album 7 - Big Trip: (United Kingdom) - Cornwall to Devon, Somerset and Wiltshire (Winter)

After leaving St Just we travelled north along the western coast of Cornwall to St Ives which was really picturesque. Our ramblings then took us to Exmoor National Park which was stunning and then onto Lanhydrock Castle which was definitely worth a visit. We travelled through northern parts of Devon, Somerset and Wiltshire with other highlights being Dunster Castle, Glastonbury Tor, Stourhead Estate and King Alfreds Tower. Have a look at our 7th lot of photos from the trip: Cornwall to Devon, Somerset and Wiltshire.

Album 6 - Big Trip: (United Kingdom) - Cornwall around Penzance (Winter)

This album covers the rest of the time we spent at St Just travelling to other great places in Cornwall. The highlights were the walk around the ruins of the Levant Tin Mine, the Pendeen, Porthcurno and Sennen coastline, St Michaels Mount and The Lizard. Have a look at our 6th lot of photos from the trip: Cornwall - Around Penzance.

Album 5 - Big Trip: (United Kingdom) - Cornwall around St Just (Winter)

We took morning walks along the Cornish Coast near St Just, with Aggie as our tour guide, showing us Cape Cornwall, old tin mines, monuments and old ruins. We walked around St Just, with the highlights being The Cook Book Cafe, the Star Inn and the Church. Our trip to the nearby old Botallack Mine with David was amazing. Have a look at our 5th lot of photos from the trip: Cornwall - Around St Just.

Album 4 - Big Trip: (United Kingdom) - Devon to Cornwall (Winter)

Our third day in 'Winnie' we continued down the Jurassic coast from Dorset to Devon with a sidetrack into Dartmoor Forest. We saw castles, ruins, inns, wineries and some lovely beaches and coastal scenery. We crossed into Cornwall and stopped with relatives at St Just - our new accomodation was definitely a step up from Winnie - the Blue Room! Have a look at our 4th lot of photos from the trip: Devon to Cornwall.

Album 3 - Big Trip: (United Kingdom) - Wiltshire, Dorset and East Devon (Winter)

Our first day in the Motorhome (which we have now named 'Winnie') we travelled to Winchester then onto Stonehenge and travelled down to Ringwood to stay the night at Avon Heath Country Park. Next morning, we set off for Corfe Castle (past Wareham) and the village of Corfe, Lyneham Castle then onto Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door on the Jurassic Coast. We continued along the very impressive Jurassic Coast between East Devon and Dorset and set up for the night at West Bexington on Chesil Beach. Have a look at our 3rd lot of photos from the trip: Wiltshire, Dorset and East Devon.

Album 1 & 2 - Big Trip: (United Kingdom) - West Sussex (Winter)

There will be many webalbums in this series as we travel around UK, Ireland and Europe in our motorhome. We will cover over 30 countries throughout 2015 and into 2016. This album covers the first week of our journey as we arrive in England and stay with friends in West Sussex. Thanks Jo and Jamie for your hospitality, it is much appreciated! It was great to have some breathing space enabling us to get our Motorhome set up for our travels and really experience life in The Witterings. Have a look at our 1st lot of photos from the trip: Our First Glimpses of England and Our New Motorhome & West Sussex.

Trips from 2010 - 2014 (Australia, New Zealand, Vanuatu)

Scenery doesn't changed much so previous years' trips and holidays are still relevant. I have moved the photos from the trips 2010 - 2014 to another web page. This includes the New Zealand trip, Vanuatu trip, Roadtrip Brisbane to Melbourne and Sailing the Whitsundays (Queensland). Feel free to have a look at the 2010 - 2014 web albums.

Trips from 2007 - 2010 (Australia, Alaska, Canada, Vanuatu)

The photos and stories from our holidays during 2007 - 2010 include the Alaska and Canada trip, Vanuatu trip and many trips within a day's drive of Brisbane, Queensland eg Fraser island, Stradbroke Island, Moreton Island, Southeast Queensland Rainforests and Beaches as well as Northern NSW. Feel free to have a look at the 2007 - 2010 web albums.

Round Australia Trip 2006 plus Other Holidays from 2006 (Australia, Fiji)

If you are planning a roadtrip around Australia then these stories and photos will be very useful to you. Scenery doesn't changed much so previous years' trips and holidays are still relevant. I have moved the photos from the trips in 2006 to another web page. Have a look at the 2006 Aussie Roadtrip plus our trip to Fiji.

Trips from 2002 - 2005 (Australia)

I have moved the photos from the trips prior to 2006 to another web page. Feel free to have a look at the 2002 - 2005 web albums also.

My Favourite Sunsets

Each holiday trip we go on I end up with a number of photos of sunsets. Have a look at just a few of my favourite Sunset Photos taken from a variety of our web albums.


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