Holiday Photo Album Bell and Lennard R Gorges, Gibb River Road - WA 

Album 23 - We decided to visit Charnley River Station as we heard it had great canoeing and gorges. Unfortunately many of their roads to these places were still closed due to the wet - maybe next trip. We continued on to King Leopold Range Conservation Park for a few days to see Bell Gorge and Lennard River Gorge - both stunning gorges. Missed the last web album? See Photos and Stories of Manning and Galvin Gorges or use the Australia map to select another.
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Charnley River

Donkey Hole

Bell Falls

Bell Plunge Pool

Under Ledge

Bell Gorge

Lower Gorge

Lower Falls

Bell Gorge

Stop for Swim

Lizard Sunbaking

Bell Gorge

Bell Creek


Lennard River

Lennard Gorge

Lennard R Walk

Lennard Falls

Lennard Falls

Lennard Crossing

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