Holiday Photo Album Album 4 - Cobbold Gorge , The Gulf Savannah - Qld 

We turned off the Savannah Way at Georgetown and headed south to Cobbold Gorge on Robin Hood Station. It is a working brahman cattle station that also offers accommodation and tours through the gorge and surrounding sandstone escarpment. The road in is bitumen for a third of the way and gravel the rest. Considering the amount of rain they had recently it was pretty good with only a couple of creek crossings that had a small amount of water over the road. Missed the last web album? See Photos and Stories of Atherton Tablelands or use the Australia map to select another.
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Camp Site

Macdonalds Deck


Gilbert River

Gorge Entrance

Cobbald Gorge

Cobbald Gorge

Cobbald Gorge

Cobbald Gorge

End of Gorge

Cobbald Gorge

Cobbald Gorge

Cobbald Gorge

Moss Crevasse

Back again

Agate Creek

Creek by Camp

Star Gazer

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