Holiday Photo Album Cape Le Grand National Park - WA 

Album 48 - Many people don't get to see this scenic coastal stretch, 56km east of Esperance, as the road doesn't continue through to the eastern states of Australia. You need to double back to Esperance before heading north then east across the Nullabor. It is well worth taking the time to visit this area though, as we found the whale watching, wildflowers, fishing, beautiful beaches & bays dotted with islands, rugged cliffs, unusual granite boulders and walking trails of Cape Le Grand National Park quite impressive. Missed the last web album? See Photos and Stories of Esperance or use the Australia map to select another.
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Frenchmans Peak, side

Frenchmans Peak, end

Walking Trail

Near the Top

At the Peak

View from Cave

View to East

View from Top

Lucky Bay


Lucky Bay Beach

Coastal Walk

Clifftop Walk

Bay of Islands

Granite Boulders

View from Trail

Granite Boulders

Lucky Bay

Thistle Cove Trail

Thistle Cove Waves

Rossiter Bay Flowers

Hellfire Bay

Hellfire Beach

Rugged Coastline

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