Holiday Photo Album Whitsunday Sailing Holiday 1 - Sunsail Bareboating

Part 1 - We went with the family on a week's bareboating adventure from Hamilton Island, The Whitsundays, Queensland. We booked the largest Sunsail Catamaran available and set off during the September holidays. We flew up from Brisbane direct to Hamilton Island and spent the first night in the Hamilton Marina. We then sailed and motored around Whitsunday Island and Hook Island with a stop at Hayman Island and Haselwood Island. We had great weather, lots of good snorkelling and swimming. Definitely a holiday we will repeat again and again! Want to see Photos and Stories of other places in Australia? Use the Australia map to select another.
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Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Pool

1st Night Hamilton

Whitsunday Island

Mackeral Bay

Trying the Tender

Trying the Kayak

Nth Coast Hook Is

Butterfly Bay

Brilliant Blue Water

Blue Pearl Bay

Hook Island

Hook Passage

Kayaking Holiday

Bunk Porthole

Nara Inlet

Nara Inlet Walk

Nara Walk

Cid Island

Restock at Hamilton

Passing Turtle Bay

Chalkies Beach

Stingray Chalkies

Haselwood Island

Haselwod SeaPlane

Kayaking Chalkies


Kitty Game

Snorkelling Chalkies

Entrance Tongue Bay

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