Holiday Photo Album Mooloolaba, Coolum, Noosa North Shore - Qld 

Two very different weekends on the Sunshine Coast - Mooloolaba was sunny and fine, Coolum was overcast and rainy. We went for beach walks and sampled the many restaurants and cafes along the beachfront at Mooloolaba. Our visit to Coolum was after a series of storms and close encounters with a cyclone which had left the beach severely eroded. The overcast weekend didn't stop us enjoying the beach and our drive along Noosa North Shore to climb up Red Canyon. Want to see Photos and Stories of other places in Australia? Use the Australia map to select another.
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Caravan Park

Mooloolaba Beach

Rocky Headland

River Entrance

Mooloolaba View

Glasshouse Mtn View

Rock Hopping

Waves Crashing

Shelly Beach

Fab Fifties?

Coolum Beach

Beach Erosion

Perry Point

Sea hawks

First Bay Coolum

Second Bay Coolum

Early Surfers

Noosa North Shore

Red Canyon

Made the Top

Hard Climb

Coloured Cliffs

Walking Track

View to Beach

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