Holiday Photo Album Mt Mee State Forest - Queensland 

It was a very wet start to Easter but we decided to go to Mt Mee State Forest as planned despite the rain. Many areas around the Sunshine coast and hinterland were flooding but the roads we were taking were not cut off. We spent the first night at a rest area along the Steve Irwin Way near the flooding Mooloolah River before heading up to Mt Mee State Forest. The Neurum River was in flood and some roads in the forest were cut off for the first couple of days but that didn't slow us down too much. Want to see Photos and Stories of other places in Australia? Use the Australia map to select another.
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Rest Area

Short Walk

Mooloola River




Neurum Ck Crossing

Neurum Flooded

Rocky Holes in Flood

Rocky Holes

Rock Pool in Flood

Rock Pool

Rocky Holes Falls

Mill Forest Walk

After the Storm

Flooded Crossing

Bracket Fungi

More Fungi

Even More Fungi

Neurum Ck Crossing

Archer Campground

View from Falls


Python with Goanna

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