Holiday Photo Album From Anchorage to Denali , Alaska  

Album 1 - We left Australia on the morning of 26th June on a direct flight from Brisbane to Los Angeles. From there we went same day from LA to Anchorage Alaska and picked up our Motorhome for the first 2 weeks of our 6 weeks holiday. This album covers Anchorage to Denali with the highlights being Mt McKinlay and the beautiful Alaskan scenery as well as the animals we don't see in Australia ie bears, caribou, moose, fox, wolves, squirrels, ptarmigan... To choose another album from this trip go to the ALASKA and CANADA map.
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Flight to Alaska

Talkeetna River

Mt McKinlay

Denali View South

Alaska Range

Denali View North

Parks Highway

Chulitna River

Typical Scenery

Rock Slides

Nanana River

The Canyon Shops

Savage River

Plants on roof

Savage River Walk

Savage River Walk

Dall Sheep

Roadside Grizzly Bear


Shuttle Bus Tour

Caribou on River

Denali's narrow roads

Typical Scenery Denali

Mt McKinlay

Antlers Locked

Fox on road edge

Animals in snow

Cooking still daylight

Denali Rafting

Railway follows Rafters

Nanana River

Denali Canyon

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