Holiday Photo Album From Fairbanks up to the Arctic Circle , Alaska

Album 2 - After leaving Denali we headed north to Fairbanks. We decided to play the tourist in Fairbanks and went down the Chena River on the Sternwheeler Riverboat Discovery, which took in the Chena Village Tour and a dog sledding demonstration. We visited some shops, drove to Chena Hot Springs and did a few walks around that area. One of the highlights was being passengers on the Bush Mail Flight into the Arctic Circle, landing at Anaktuvuk Pass. Missed the last web album? See Photos and Stories from Anchorage to Denali or use the ALASKA and CANADA map to select another.
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Sternwheeler Fairbanks

Chena River

Boats and Planes

Dog Sledding


Fish Camp

Fur Pelts

Chena Village

New Log House

Chena Hotsprings

Free Camps

Lunch Stop

Moose in Lake

Moose and Baby

Mail Boxes

Bush Mail Plane

Arctic Flight

Anaktuvuk Runway

Anaktuvak Pass

Seatbelt Problems

Arctic Circle Flight

Burl Figures

Summer Flowers

Typical Scenery


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