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In 2015, we are travelling through UK and Europe by motorhome. From Australia, arriving in London in February we start our journey...

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South West Norway

posted by Cathy    9 Sept 2016   Norway - Rogaland to Hordaland AND Norway - Hordaland to Aurland

We start this section from the Jæren district of Rogaland on the south-west coast of Norway and travel north to Stavenger. We take the Tau ferry and follow the amazingly scenic Tourist Route 13 generally heading north east across Norway. We skirt along the edges of the many fjords, lakes and rivers taking way too many photos of this beautiful country. The road tunnelled through spectacular mountains and ran beside majestic waterfalls. Apart from the impressive scenery we wandered through the streets of 'old town' Stavenger, visited historic Stave Churches, hiked up to 'museum' farms to get a feel for historic Norway as well. We have only seen a small part of Norway so far but it is looking like it will be one of our favorite countries! .

From the town of Odda in Hordaland we drive through more of Norway's stunning scenery as we zig-zag our way to Flam. We were amazed at the tunnels through the majestic mountains. The tunnels are so big that they have roundabouts in them. Highlights of this part of the trip were the stunning waterfalls and the campspots we found on the edge of fjords or raging rivers. We soaked up a bit of local culture as we passed through the small towns visiting churches and trying sweet breads and pastries.

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Blog Post 2

Germany, Denmark and into Norway

posted by Peter    19 July 2016    North West Germany AND Denmark to the South Coast of Norway

In this part of our trip we spend a few days in Northern Germany. After visiting Oldenburg and Jork on the Elbe River, we catch a train into Hamburg from nearby Buxtehude. There is plenty to see and do in Hamburg, especially in the Altstadt (old city). Next stop was the lovely town of Lubeck near the Baltic Sea. Medieval buildings and gothic architecture abound and make this a really interesting stopover. We camp beside the River Trave before heading off to the northern beaches of Germany. Our last town in Germany before crossing into Denmark is Flensburg.

The landscape is still very flat as we travel north through Denmark then ferry across from Hirtshals to Kristiansand in Norway. We will return to Denmark to visit its capital city later, via Sweden. In Denmark we enjoyed our visit to Ribe and Hvide Sande in particular. It is a calm trip on the ferry from Denmark across the North Sea and a short drive to our first stop in Norway at the historic Movic Fort. The drive west along Norway's scenic southern coast is really beautiful with the area around Flekkefjord, Jossingfjord and the small town of Sogndalstrand being highlights. Finally we see some mountains!

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