Holiday Photo Album Port McNeill to Campbell River - Vancouver Island

Album 10 - We stayed with a friend at Port McNeill for a few days to make sure we saw all North East Vancouver Island had to offer. There are many small islands worth visiting by ferry. A highlight was the day spent kayaking around the tiny islands of Alert Bay spotting seals and sealions and just taking in the wonderful scenery. We saw no bears but we knew they were around! We then travelled back down the east coast and spent our last night in Campbell River before flying back to the mainland from Nanaimo to Calgary. Missed the last web album? See Photos and Stories from Vancouver Island: Nanaimo to Telegraph Cove or use the ALASKA and CANADA map to select another.

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Ferry Port McNeill

Cormorant Island

Alert Bay

Native Art

Ferry Malcolm Island

Bere Point

Whale Beach

Forest Walk

Bioluminescent Fungi

Walking Track

Beautiful Bay

Lands End

Mitchell Bay

Picnic Area

Kayak Adventure

Telegraph Cove



Mother and Baby

Alert Bay

Rest Stop



Salmon Burgers

Timber Industry

Timber Truck

Logging Sorting

Eve River


Seymour Narrows

Campbell River

Balcony View

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