Holiday Photo Album Nanaimo to Telegraph Cove - Vancouver Island 

Album 9 - It was now week 4 of our trip. We took the 1.5 hour ferryride from Horseshoe Bay in Vancouver to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island and picked up our rental car. We had visited the southern end of Vancouver Island in previous holidays so this holiday we concentrated on the northern two-thirds of the island. From Nanaimo, we travelled northwest via Little Qualicum Falls to the Pacific Rim on the west coast and stopped at Ucluelet and Tefino. We then headed north to Telegraph Cove and Port McNeill. Highlights were the beautiful forests, rivers and beach walks in the central west as well as whale and seal spotting around the tiny islands in the north east. Missed the last web album? See Photos and Stories from Juneau to Ketchikan or use the ALASKA and CANADA map to select another.
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Ferry to Nanaimo

Little Qualicum NP

Qualicum Creek Walk

Qualicum Falls


Rock Pools

Taylor River Rest Area

Taylor River Walk

Kennedy River


Black Rock Resort

Seal Spotting

South Long Beach

Pacific Rim Walk

Long Beach

Tofino Beach

Coast Walk

Pacific Rim Drive

Radar Hill

Tofino Marina

Bay near Tofino

Sproat Lake

Cathedral Grove

Douglas Fir

Storm Damage

Nursery Tree

Qualicum Beach

Telegraph Cove

Tour Boat

Seabirds Eagle

Islands and Mainland

Typical Scenery

Our First Whale

Our First Seals

More Whales

Whale Sounds

Whale Spouting

Camouflaged Seals

Our Last Whale

Before Storm

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