Valdez to Anchorage - Alaska

The town is small enough that you can walk everywhere but there are also some nice drives around to Allison Point, Robe Lake, the Valdez Glacier and the Mineral Creek walking trails. This is the view across to Valdez from Allison Point area. We parked at the Salmon Hatchery near Soloman Gulch and were amazed at the abundant wildlife. In Denali National Park you search for the wildlife and get very excited when you spot them in the distance. Here they seemed to be everywhere. While parked near the hatchery we saw numerous seals with heads bobbing up out of the water and then disappearing as they spotted you, a gigantic sea lion (2 metres long) as seen in this photo who was nowhere near as shy as the harbour seals, a brown bear (photos to come), plenty of salmon making their way upstream (and plenty of fishermen trying to catch them), a pair of American Eagles and two fledglings learning the ropes (as big as the adults were) and a sea otter. We couldn't believe out luck or maybe it is always like this????

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