Holiday Photo Album Fraser Island 3, Queensland.  

This year was the first year we camped at Fraser Island when there was a fire ban. We found this disappointing because we like to cook a lot of our meals on the fire rather than the gas cooker. Apart from that we had a great time relaxing, fishing, canoeing and whale watching. We did very little 4WDing this time and tended to just laze around the campsite. Want to see Photos and Stories of other places in Australia? Use the Australia map to select another.
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Middle Track Sth End

Van on Surf Side

Eli Creek Boardwalk

Mouth of Eli Ck

Communal Tarp

First Sunset

Fishing Awinya Ck

Caught Flathead

Filleting Fish

Toad fish

View from Hammock


More Whales

Even More Whales

Barge at Moon Point

Trip Home

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