Holiday Photo Album Pinnacles , Nambung National Park - WA 

Album 40 - On our way to see the Pinnacles at Nambung National Park we stopped to look at the 'Pink Lakes' at Hutt Lagoon near Port Gregory and stayed overnight at Coronation Beach. We visited Geraldton and looked at some of the heritage sites around Greenough. We popped in to a number of bays and beaches along this part of the WA coast. Missed the last web album? See Photos and Stories of Kalbarri National Park or use the Australia map to select another.
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Pink Lake

Port Gregory

Coronation Beach

Leaning Trees

Stone Ruins

Leeman - Greenhead

The Pinnacles

Nambung Nat Pk

Painted Desert

Limestone Pillars

Sea of Pinnacles

Hangover Bay

Kangaroo Point


Hansen Bay

Lake Thetis

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