Holiday Photo Album Ningaloo Reef, Cape Range National Park - WA

Album 36 - On the opposite side of North West Cape to Exmouth is Cape Range National Park which runs along the coast from Yardie Creek north for about 60km. Ningaloo Reef is enclosed in Ningaloo Marine Park which stretches all the way down passed Coral Bay. The reef runs quite close to the coast and has great diving and snorkelling. In some places you can snorkel no more than 100m off shore and see amazing coral and fish. The beaches and crystal clear water are stunning and then there are the gorges as well. Missed the last web album? See Photos and Stories from Dampier to Exmouth or use the Australia map to select another..
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First Camp

Osprey Beach

Yardie Gorge

Canoeing Yardie

Yardie Creek

Sandy Bay


Tulki Camp

Tulki Beach

Oyster Stacks

ManduMandu Gorge

Mandu Creek Bed

Gorge Lookout


Canoeing Lakeside

Trealia & Veranus

Beach Walk

Creatures We Saw

Pete's Artwork

Turquoise Bay

Kori Bay

Lakeside Beach

Coral Bay Snorkelling

Coral Bay

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