Holiday Photo Album Boondooma Dam - Queensland   

Boondooma Dam, near Proston, is popular for water skiing, boating and as a recreational fishing spot. It was built across the Boyne River in the early 1980s and supplies water to Tarong Power Station. Wondai Shire Council look after the campgrounds, caravan park and cabins. You can contact them via email for bookings and information. Want to see Photos and Stories of other places in Australia? Use the Australia map to select another.
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Across Lake to Camp

Boondooma Lake

Caravan on lake edge

Boat and Dam wall

Boating & Fishing

Water Sports

Terry's Fish


Dam Intake

Cooking View

Sunset at Camp

Night and Day

Lake Waterlevel


Cath & Shirl return

Show me a web album of a roadtrip Qld to NT

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