Holiday Photo Album Horizontal Falls flight from Derby - WA 

Album 27 - After Windjana Gorge, we camped close to Derby on the May River so we could be in Derby early next day for our flight to the Horizontal Falls in the Buccaneer Archipelago. We would take a seaplane to Talbot Bay then transfer to a catamaran for lunch before taking the jetboat ride through the Horizontal Falls. The flight back to Derby would cross some of the 800 or more small islands in the Buccaneer Archipelago. Missed the last web album? See Photos and Stories of Windjana Gorge or use the Australia map to select another.
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Boab Tree

Sea Plane Flight

Talbot Bay

Horizontal Falls

Before Tide Change


Gummy Sharks

The Crew

Jetboat Ride

Approach Falls

Going Through Falls

Other Side


Return through Falls


Buccaneer Archipelago

Return Flight

King Sound

Derby's Tides

Prison Tree

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