Holiday Photo Album From Anchorage to Hubbard Glacier - Alaska

Album 6 - Week 3, we left Anchorage on the Coastal Classic Train at 6:45am destined for Seward across the Kenai Mountains through Moose Pass. After checking onto the cruise ship we spent the day in Seward before we boarded the ship and cruised out of Resurrection Bay heading towards Hubbard Glacier. Missed the last web album? See Photos and Stories from Anchorage to Kenai or use the ALASKA and CANADA map to select another.
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Coastal Classic Train

Train Seats

The Dead Forest

Chugach Nat Forest

Typical Scenery


The Ryndham

Oceanview Room

Tsunami Route

Lunch at Seward

Sea Life Centre


Sealife Aquarium

Sealife Birds

Touch Pool

Bucket Of Beer

Leaving Seward

Reception Area

Bocce Tournament

Wine Tasting Course

2nd Day on Deck

Typical Scenery

Disenchantment Bay

Approaching Hubbard

Two Glaciers

Many Icebergs

Iceberg Flipped

Valerie Glacier

Russell Fiord

Glacier Calving

Bubbling River

Sandy n Cathy

Hubbard Glacier

Hubbard Glacier

Gap to Russell Fiord

Rob n Pete

Other Cruise Boat

Leaving Hubbard

Back Out of Fog

Other Cruise Boat

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